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Neighborhood Discounts!!
Late season sealcoat
Don't get ripped off by a "Sealcoat sale!"
Crack fill & Oil spots


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We apologize for the delay getting back to our potential driveway sealcoat customers early in the season. Our quality of work has kept us busy with a lot or repeat business, and all the rain has not left us with many available days to work. We have begun to catch up and we are looking forward to serving our all new and existing customers this season!

Neighborhood Discounts!!

 Looking for a driveway sealcoat? Ask the neighbors if they need their asphalt driveway done too. Everyone saves money and everyone is happy with our high quality work. Call JUSTRIGHT SEALCOATING today!

Late season sealcoat

Late season is a great time to sealcoat! Protect your driveway from the harsh winter conditions. Justright Sealcoating follows the manufacturers guide lines for weather conditions, and will sealcoat only on days that reach a high temp of 50 degrees or more. On average we pack things up for the winter in late October, so you still have time! Call to schedule your sealcoat today.

Don't get ripped off by a "Sealcoat sale!"

I have seen some signs around the Shakopee area advertising driveways for $99. Great deal, until your read the fine print. The fine print reads "Driveways up to 1000 square foot". Thats a decent price, but not a deal. JUSTRIGHT SEALCOATING has a $70 minimum charge for driveways without cracks. If you have a smaller two car drive it may only be 600 to 800 square feet, and you shouldn't be paying $99. You will always get a fair price with JUSTRIGHT SEALCOATING.

Crack fill & Oil spots

The month of August crack fill will be half price! Thats only 25 cents a linear foot!
Have oil spots in your driveway? Before sealcoating your driveway we treat all oil spots with a primer that prevents the oil from bleeding up into the new sealcoat. Oil spot treatment is free to all customers every year all year!

Another satisfied customer

                                                                                 This picture is one of the several satisfied driveway sealcoat customers this week.

Military discount

Show a military I.D and get 10% of your driveway sealcoat. JUSTRIGHT SEALCOATING appreciates all of the men and women serving our country. Thats %10 off JUSTRIGHT SEALCOATINGS  already low prices for brushed on driveway sealcoat and hot melt crack fill. Our Quality is always higher than our price!
 Not valid with any other offers

Write a review!

I'd like to encourage all of our driveway sealcoat customers to to write a review in the comment section of this blog. A majority of our business is repeat business. The new product we are using (no coal tar) is a great product that we are proud to carry. Rhino seal is the name and it has four pounds of sand per gallon of sealer. This makes our sealer last longer than the competitors. So let us know what you think of our driveway sealcoat services!

No more coal tar

There are to types of sealcoat commonly used. Coal tar emulsion and asphalt emulsion. In the past we have used a combination of the two. Both sealers have good properties but coal tar has now been banned by several cities. In the near future some predict it will be banned buy the entire state. The vapors of coal tar sealcoat is said to be harmful to the environment.
 To keep bringing the best seal coat product to my customers I went on a search to see if there was a better asphalt product out there.

2011 Sealcoat season

JUSTRIGHT SEALCOATING is less than two weeks away from starting the season. We will be offering our usual low price/great quality sealcoat and crack fill. In addition we will be repairing driveway aprons (where the asphalt and garage floor meet). These repairs will consist of cutting and tearing out the section or sunken driveway and replacing it with concrete. Call for a quote today!!
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